Custom Jewelry and Design

Stunning Custom Jewelry and Design

Meet our Experienced Designer

East Islip Jewelers will design jewelry for you that's as unique as you are. Mr. G (Gerson), the creative force behind our designs, is a third-generation jeweler and custom creator. He has been involved in all aspects of jewelry design and repair over his many years in the industry. 

You Can Own Beautiful Jewelry Made Just for You

We are eager to work with you on an original design. The custom design process begins with a meeting with our designer. We consult you at each step and your visions of color and gem placement are translated into the sweeps and curves of your personal creation.

Our exceptional attention to detail and demand for masterful workmanship in fabrication and stone setting will produce a distinctive original piece that will say to all who see it that you are truly different from all other women. 

Get a Custom Design Jeweler Working for You

Mr. G attended the Art Institute of America. He is a talented artist who will work with you to restore your cherished heirloom or create a wonderful new treasure. 

While it may cost more to have something custom designed, there's nothing like the thrill of wearing a piece that was made for you. Call 631-676-2932. View some of  our beautiful custom items.
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Call 631-676-2932

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Be a part of the design process when you sit with our team to customize your very own piece of jewelry. 
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